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Idiotheque #51: 29/10/04

by TheLostDude

News: 29/10/04 by TheLostDude
This update is dedicated to the memory of John Peel. If I had started dedications earlier, Johnny Ramone would have been mentioned.

Idiotheque #52: 08/11/04

by TheLostDude

News: 08/11/04 by TheLostDude
Delay was caused by... robots.

Idiotheque #53: 09/11/04

by TheLostDude

News: 09/11/04 by TheLostDude

Idiotheque #54: 10/11/04

by WeaponOfChoice

News: 10/11/04 by TheLostDude

Idiotheque #55: 12/11/04

by TheLostDude

News: 12/11/04 by TheLostDude

News: 14/11/04 by TheLostDude
A weekend update, yes. I'm about to change the navigation bar, possibly the colour scheme too, and to add the Rants section. Is that an excuse to not make any comics this week? Probably.

Idiotheque #56: 15/11/04  

by WeaponOfChoice

News: 15/11/04 by TheLostDude
Nearly finished the navbar.

Idiotheque #57: 22/11/04

by TheLostDude

News: 22/11/04 by TheLostDude
Delay was caused by robots. More robots. Anyway, check out the Rants section! Why? Because there aren't any rants yet. Hell yeah!

News: 24/12/04 by TheLostDude
Hey, guys. Enjoy Kwanza. All apologies. Damn robots.

Idiotheque #58: 26/12/04

by TheLostDude

News: 26/12/04 by TheLostDude
Those of you who visited yesterday or the day before got to see our very nice Kwanza decorations. It's too late now, though! Haha! A nice wide comic here.

Idiotheque #59: 27/12/04

by TheLostDude

News: 27/12/04 by TheLostDude
I spy some continuity on the horizon! There! Did you see it?

Idiotheque #60: 28/12/04

by TheLostDude

News: 28/12/04 by TheLostDude
Ah, here's that continuity!