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Idiotheque #61: 31/12/04

by TheLostDude

News: 31/12/04 by TheLostDude
Have a happy new calendar.

Idiotheque #62: 02/01/05

by WeaponOfChoice

News: 02/01/05 by TheLostDude
Another lame, crude WoC comic! Woo yay!

Idiotheque #63: 22/01/05

by TheLostDude and WeaponOfChoice

News: 22/01/05 by TheLostDude
Yes, this comic was created by both of us! Although it was generally my idea and I drew it, I think I can consider this a joint comic because he helped a lot. The delay? Well, I was ill. Which means I could be on the computer more. Not a good excuse. Anyway, we've got some good ideas in the pipeline (we think), and we are going to get rid of the Rants section. I have an idea for a replacement. Check the forum, I may post my ideas there. DAMN CRAPPY JPG COMPRESSION!

Update: Follow that link.

Idiotheque #64: 29/01/05

by TheLostDude

News: 29/01/05 by TheLostDude
The stuff mentioned in the previous update will probably happen next school holiday, which is pretty soon.

Idiotheque #65: 01/02/05

by TheLostDude

News: 01/02/05 by TheLostDude
Yeah. Sure.

Idiotheque #66: 02/02/05

by TheLostDude

News: 02/02/05 by TheLostDude
News. Yes. And by 'yes', I mean 'no'.

Idiotheque #67: 06/02/05

by TheLostDude

News: 06/02/05 by TheLostDude
There's some news over there! Go find it.

Idiotheque #68: 10/02/05

by TheLostDude

News: 10/02/05 by TheLostDude
Surely no news is good news?

Idiotheque #69: 14/02/05

by TheLostDude

News: 14/02/05 by TheLostDude
Meh, I'll do it tomorrow (Lie).

Idiotheque #70: 16/02/05

by TheLostDude

News: 16/02/05 by TheLostDude
Server error yesterday, so tell me if any pictures are missing. I blame Microsoft.

News: 17/02/05 by TheLostDude
This comic was so good, we'll have it for two updates. No, actually, I'm just uploading the pages to the new server, so don't complain if something's missing, it will be fixed in time.

News: 17/02/05 by TheLostDude
There won't be any new comics for a few days, as it'll take a few days to clean up the site. Anyway, check out the non-working new navbar! Chic!

News: 22/02/05 by TheLostDude
I intended to upload a comic today, but I couldn't get in touch with WeaponOfChoice.