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Idiotheque #41: 07/10/04

by TheLostDude


News: 07/10/04 by TheLostDude
WoC - You must send me a good comic, well drawn, before Thursday. Deal? Deal. I can't remember most of this week, that's why there aren't many comics this week. Yeah. That's why.

Idiotheque #42: 08/10/04

by TheLostDude

News: 08/10/04 by TheLostDude
OK, that comic isn't particularity funny. But it got the message across. WoC, your time is running out. You need more time! You need a time transplant!

Idiotheque #43: 09/10/04

by TheLostDude

News: 09/10/04 by TheLostDude
The news is that there's no news. Apart from, you'll notice, this comic is two days early compared to the normal schedule. Cool, huh? That's right, no! Oh, each page in the archive now has a NEXT TEN hyperlink, and I'm working on a cooler navigation system. So far I've managed to make a really big difference which you probably won't notice - the navigation bar is now actually a navigation bar instead of a copied-and-pasted data set. That means that updating it would not be a difficult task at all.  What I intend to do in the near future:

  • Have the buttons at the top become filled with colour inside the letters if you are in that section.

That's all! Not much of a bulleted list. Links section with nice pictures now!

Idiotheque #44: 11/10/04

by TheLostDude

News: 11/10/04 by TheLostDude
A statement of what annoys me instead of a comic - a symptom of writer's block indeed!

Idiotheque #45: 13/10/04

by TheLostDude

News: 13/10/04 by TheLostDude
One day missed - so now we're even (because of that Saturday update). WoC has made a good comic, so he's still working here, he's just working on it.

News: 19/10/04 by TheLostDude
Sorry, guys - been busy with school work and music and other stuff, add that to the writer's block and lack of news and you don't get a comic. I'll probably miss some of this week too.

Idiotheque #46: 22/10/04

by TheLostDude


News: 22/10/04 by TheLostDude
A nice bit of social commentary there. Everybody now: "It's the end of the world as we know it, (x3) and I feel fine!"

Idiotheque #47: 25/10/04

by TheLostDude

News: 25/10/04 by TheLostDude
Slammed you today, guys. Haha!

Idiotheque #48: 26/10/04

by TheLostDude

News: 26/10/04 by TheLostDude
Supply and demand! (bidibidobidibee) Supply and demand! (bidibidobidibee) Supply and demand! Supply and demand! Supply and demand! (BEE! BEE!)

Idiotheque #49: 27/10/04
by TheLostDude

News: 27/10/04 by TheLostDude
Gastronomical! Yey! was stole-i-fied today, but me and WeaponOfChoice eliminated the cult that was The Picture Of The Syringe. We sure kicked their asses. ""Site under construction"? I'll under construction you out that window in a minute!" I said. And I did. Hopefully this will never happen again. is what replaced our site for less than 12 hours. Kill them, millions of minions!

Idiotheque #50: 28/10/04  

by TheLostDude

News: 28/10/04 by TheLostDude
So stupid.