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Idiotheque #81: 16/04/05

by TheLostDude

News: 16/04/05 by TheLostDude
A week without updates? I don't believe it. But it's true. Anyway, Links section updated partially, I'll complete it sometime soon.

Idiotheque #82: 07/05/05

by WeaponOfChoice

News: 07/05/05 by TheLostDude
You guys must be pretty angry - We almost get into the 3-comics-a-week groove and then we're gone for almost a month. Apologies. I know it sounds like just an excuse, but school got in the way. And school is only going to get harder...

Idiotheque #83: 08/05/05

by TheLostDude

News: 08/05/05 by TheLostDude

Idiotheque #84: 02/06/05

by WeaponOfChoice

News: 02/06/05 by TheLostDude
Ok, there was a big problem. Overcome it now, almost. I think.

Idiotheque #85: 28/06/05
by TheLostDude

News: 28/06/05 by TheLostDude
Yes, our updates are becoming monthly. I'm sorry, a lot has happened. I've been busy with exams, psychiatry, band practices/gigs, more. But I should be able to speed up a bit on the 'theque.

Idiotheque #86: 03/07/05

by TheLostDude

News: 03/07/05 by TheLostDude

Idiotheque #87: 07/07/05

by WeaponOfChoice

News: 07/07/05 by TheLostDude
Hokay. We aim to make the 100th comic happen on the same day as the one year anniversary. Can it be done?

Idiotheque #88: 07/07/05

by TheLostDude

News: 07/07/05 by TheLostDude
That's right, two comics in a day!

Idiotheque #89: 19/07/05

by TheLostDude

News: 19/07/05 by TheLostDude
Internet loss means not much chance of 100th comic at same time as 1st year. No big deal, milestones don't have any real value.

Idiotheque #90: 27/07/05

by TheLostDude

News: 27/07/05 by TheLostDude
90 is a much better milestone than 100. Well Hurrah.. Happy Idiotheque Revolved Around The Sun Day. Feel free to send presents, cash is preferred (Email me for my... I mean Idiotheque's postal address). We've had highs and lows. Well, we've had lows anyway. You know, I may start making freeware games and uploading them to the site. Maybe. And one day I might do a Feature. Or update the Inbox. Or realise how pointless the Forum is. Anyway. Thanks for sticking with Idiotheque for a year. Even though you probably didn't. Meh. Bye.