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Idiotheque #1 - 27/07/04

News: 27/07/04 by TheLostDude
Welcome to the most unprofessional webcomic yet! Oh, the miracles of Microsoft Paint. It's about video games. It's not a serial - just random funny stuff. Or at least we think it's funny. The two 'artists' are WeaponOfChoice and I, TheLostDude. Enjoy. Or whatever.

Idiotheque #2 - 28/07/04

News: 28/07/04 by TheLostDude
Second strip today. I've started the Archive section now. Oh, and there's a pretty little logo! Wow!

Idiotheque #3: 29/07/04

By WeaponOfChoice

News: 29/07/04 by TheLostDude
Here's WOC's first comic. Comical, eh? Anyway, the Links section has been started. But, because I'm so apathetic (is that a word?), it's actually the Link section right now. If you send me an e-mail, I'll (probably) link to your website. But, before that happens, you'll have to find out my e-mail address. Go, Sherlock, go!

Idiotheque #4: 30/07/04

by TheLostDude

News: 30/07/04 by TheLostDude
Yeah. Only the comic today, nothing else.

Idiotheque #5: 31/07/04

by WeaponOfChoice and TheLostDude

News: 31/07/04 by TheLostDude
Here's a new comic. More links are up.

Idiotheque #6: 1/08/04

by TheLostDude

News: 1/08/04 by TheLostDude
World in crisis! More on that later.

Idiotheque #7: 2/08/04

by TheLostDude

News: 2/08/04 by TheLostDude
Here's a new comic. That's all.

Idiotheque #8: 3/08/04

by TheLostDude

News: 3/08/04 by TheLostDude
The About Us section has been started. Oh, and the Guestbook. Great! Super! I plan to make this site's presentation much better, but right now I'm stuck with FrontPage. Oh well. Got any suggestions for a better editor? E-mail me.

Idiotheque #9: 4/08/04

by TheLostDude

News: 4/08/04 by TheLostDude
Guestbook finished. I've been plugging the site in a few forums, too.

Idiotheque #10: 5/08/04

by TheLostDude

News: 5/08/04 by TheLostDude
It's me birthday! Whoo!